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  We recently had the pleasure of working on the iconic 2013 Prince George Chimney for

Rolls-Royce Quadrant Bracket – Pattern Equipment

We have just had the pleasure of making the pattern equipment for a Rolls-Royce gear quadrant

Bespoke machinery belts

Here at Westfield Patterns we have a huge range of items that we produce for

An example of a simple reverse engineering job

We are able to reverse engineer components in-house from original castings, whether a small simple item such as this

Need a new toilet seat and can’t find one off the shelf ?

We even make… bespoke toilet seats! We can CNC machine so many different items but these

Foundry Trade Journal International – Article

Don’t miss the article about our winning team in the Foundry Trade Journal.  We are

Offer for New Customers

We would like to offer new customers that request a quote and place an order of Pattern Equipment

Precision Machining

It’s not just awesome Pattern equipment and tooling that we make, we can also machine

Historic Racing Technology – Twin Cam

Check out the 7 page article in ‘Historic Racing Technology’ magazine, which features our work on the

Simon wins apprentice of the year

Simon was nominated for the GTMA award for excelling in his CAD work, specialising in