Combining traditional skills with engineering excellence

Westfield Patterns provide an extensive range of traditional and CNC Pattern Making services. Our combination of skills together with a practical working knowledge of a wide range of sectors enable us to provide a full and comprehensive service to our customers.

Using a highly skilled workforce which are quality and customer focused. We have an extensive portfolio of high quality Pattern Making projects for clients throughout the UK.

Westfield Patterns enjoys a transparent and ongoing relationship with our client base making every effort to address their specific needs on a project by project basis.


Bespoke machinery belts

Here at Westfield Patterns we have a huge range of items that we produce for

An example of a simple reverse engineering job

We are able to reverse engineer components in-house from original castings, whether a small simple item such as this

Need a new toilet seat and can’t find one off the shelf ?

We even make… bespoke toilet seats! We can CNC machine so many different items but these